About ORCA

The Oakdale Residents Community Association, which is also known as ORCA, operates the “Community Centre” side of the Oakdale Community Partnership Centre.  ORCA is a registered charity that was first inaugurated at a public meeting in May 1995.

We are entirely run by volunteers and operate the Acorns Community Coffee shop, which provides hot & cold drinks and snacks, as well as organising and running various community events ranging from coach outings and bingo evenings to car boot sales and quiz nights, and an Oakdale Community Event most years.

ORCA has previously run “affiliated” groups, Bowls when we had a hall, a Whist Club, and the Oakdale Pensioners Club.  Currently, we have 2 sewing bees, meeting on a Monday afternoon and Tuesday evenings.  Clubs meet on a regular basis at the Oakdale Centre and provide a friendly and relaxed meeting place for those interested in their respective activities.  We are always looking for more activities to provide, so should you have an interest or activity you particularly would like us to organize, you should contact the ORCA Secretary by telephone or email.

ORCA Membership
Membership of ORCA is open to everyone, no matter where they may live. There are different categories of membership:-

Full Members are those living within the Oakdale area (i.e. the Oakdale Ward as defined by the Borough of Poole’s Legal and Democratic Services).

Associate Members are those living outside the Oakdale area.

Membership is free but you will need to complete a form with your details

For Corporate Membership or Oakdale Business membership Please contact the ORCA Office.

As a registered charity ORCA is governed by the provisions of the Charities Act 1993 and its successors and regulations. It is administered by trustees sitting on a management committee, who are elected yearly at the Annual General Meeting.